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March 2015 Duerson Corporation TV Commercial


Do you know what your roof looks like?

Oh, that was a fun job.

I remember that one too!

Roger Cox here from Duerson Corporation and these before and after shots tell the story.



Duerson Roofing will inspect your roof, take pictures and offer a free analysis.

The Duro-Last Roofing Systems is custom fabricated to fit your roof, energy efficient and has a 15 year material and labor warranty.

Do it Right with Duerson.. Call us today.


The Duerson Corporation TV Commercial


Video Transcript

When was the last time you looked at the roof of your business?
Most business owners don’t or can’t look at their roof.

If you see stained ceiling tiles, hear a drip and you have a flat or slightly sloped roof CONTACT DUERSON – we will evaluate your roof, provide you with a ‘state of your roof’ report- offer suggestions for repair or replacement.

We specialize in flat and slightly sloped roofs so call today for your Free roof analysis.

Know what’s over your head, and Do it Right with Duerson.

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