4 Causes of Leaky Roofs: Why Proper Roof Repairs are Essential

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Iowa weather is very unexpected, and it’s important to be prepared by protecting your Des Moines property from damages with a durable, long lasting roof. At Duerson, one of our main goals is to provide you with high quality value added systems, backed by a trust built relationship with our customers. We work hard to ensure our products provide many benefits for you and the environment.  If your roof is weathered, old, or beginning to leak, Duerson can help. Our professionals offer cost effective solutions for all your Des Moines roofing needs.

It is important to know some obvious signs of a leaky roof.  If you have experienced any of the problems stated below, call the professionals at Duerson Corporation for help.

Clogged Gutters and Drains

Gutters serve one main purpose: drain rainwater away from your building. Gutters and roof drains can become clogged with debris such as leaves, sticks or other unwanted materials blocking the flow of water and causing it to pool up around your roof.

Routine maintenance is a great way to minimize roof issues.  You can have someone walk the roof and remove any accumulated debris, which will help minimize drainage issues on the roof.

By having a professional roofing contractor, like Duerson Corporation, complete a routine maintenance they will clean and also inspect the roof for any potential issues with your flat roof.

Cracked Flashing

You’re probably wondering – what is flashing? Flashing refers to the thin metal pieces that are installed underneath your shingles and on the roof joints to create a water resistant seal on your roof. Flashing looks like sheet metal with a rubberized coating on top. When the flashing becomes cracked, this will cause your roof to leak, because the water-resistant seal is broken. Flashing may move out of place if nails are loose or sealing corrodes over time. When inspecting your house for missing shingles, also check for cracked flashing, because that could be the source of your leak.

Weather Related Roof Issues

Hail can cause severe damage to your building’s roof that could potentially lead to roof leaks. Heavy rain and high winds also cause wear and tear to your roof and create sever roofing problems for your commercial and industrial property. The four seasons we enjoy in Iowa is great, but the extreme temperatures can have an adverse on the roofing material. All these weather related aspects is another reason why it is important to get routine maintenance roof checkup if you suspect roof damage after a severe storm.

Attic Condensation

A musty odor, mold, and mildew growth often detects the presence of moisture in your attic. An excess amount of condensation can often lead to water damage in your drywall and ceilings. If your roof does not have enough vents or ventilation fans, moisture will become trapped causing the buildup of moisture leading to water damage.

Industrial and Commercial Roof Leak Repair by Duerson

Duerson is your go-to Duro-last contractor for all your Des Moines industrial and commercial roofing needs. We will inspect your roof and perform a free roof analysis to see if there is water damage to your business. Call The Duerson Corporation today to report a leak!

Posted: June 15, 2015 at 8:44 am

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