Top 3 Benefits of Using Duro-Last Roofing Systems on Your Commercial Roof in Des Moines

If you’re considering re-roofing your commercial or industrial facility, we have the solution for you. Duro-Last® is the world’s leader in durable roofing systems and the largest manufacturer of prefabricated roofing systems, and it’s made right here in Iowa. Duerson Corporation specializes in installing Duro-Last® systems for commercial and industrial clients around Central Iowa and throughout the Midwest. But why Duro-Last®? With their promise of durability, efficiency, and quality–and let’s not forget about that warranty–these systems can save you money and give you years of strength on your roof.

Easy Installation Services

With our expert roofing services and the trusted quality of Duro-Last®, you can be rest assured that the installation of your Duro-Last® roofing system will be done right the first time and last you years to come. This precision-fabricated system is made of a PVC membrane and customized to fit the shape of your rooftop, no matter how unique or complicated. And because 85% of the membrane seaming has already been completed before it arrives on site, this reduces the chances for installation errors and future leaks. The seaming is completed with all-heat welding in order to avoid the use of glues and facing material failure, eventually leading to leaks and facility damage. This type of product increases precision in our installation, allowing for greater productivity among our team, higher-quality installation, and satisfied customers. If you want to replace your current roofing, then learn more about the quality roof installation services we offer at Duerson Corporation for your new Duro-Last® roofing system.

Custom-fabricated Roofing for Your Iowa Business

Not only do you get durability and efficiency in the Duro-Last® roofs we offer, but we can customize a system to fit your actual rooftop. Your business is unique, and so is your building. Duro-Last® roofing systems are available in a variety of panel sizes, shapes, and colors to create the exterior design fitting with your company and brand. And because it is a single-ply material, we will order the exact amount of membrane needed to cover your rooftop rather than using a collection of raw materials, most of which will be excess and go to waste. With this flexibility, Duro-Last® roofs become more than just a roof on a building. They are a solution specifically tailored to your needs. See all of the Duro-Last® solutions we offer at Duerson Corporation.

Cost-Saving, Maintenance-Free Commercial Roofs

By using Duro-Last® as the roofing solution for your business or facility in Iowa, you’ll find one of the greatest benefits is in its maintenance-free qualities. The features that make a Duro-Last® roof so durable and easy to install also require little maintenance over the years. The vinyl membrane is leak-proof, resistant to high winds, and can be used in any environment, even withstand the harsh winters of Iowa. Duro-Last® is an investment that will last you years. With the 15-year warranty that comes with your Duro-Last® system, you won’t have to pay anything for repairs or replacements that result from a defect in your roof or its installation. Read more about the details of your full 15-year warranty when you use Duro-Last® roofing on your building.

Not only will you avoid the regular maintenance and repairs of standard, poorly installed roofs, but you’ll also see savings in your monthly costs with its energy efficient properties. The Duro-Last® solutions like the cool roofing system reduce the amount of heat from the sun that is absorbed through your roof; this ultimately decreases the amount of power and energy needed to air condition your space, saving you money. Learn more about the sustainability of a Duro-Last® roofing system and contact us for a free roof analysis today. Duerson can give you quality service with a quality Duro-Last® system.


Posted: March 30, 2016 at 5:03 pm

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