How to Winterize Your Duro-Last Flat Roof

As your business is transitioning from fall into winter, it’s important that you spend time cleaning and caring for your flat roof before your flat roof is hit with its first winter storm.

Clean Off All Debris

During the fall season leaves and other debris such as sticks, tree branches, and dirt cover the surface of your flat roof. It’s important to clean all of the debris off your roof so it’s not damaging your flat roof membrane.

Inspect and Clear Roof Drains

Duro-Last makes prefabricated drain boots that can be used in most circular roof drains. They are custom-designed with a skirt made of membrane that is easily welded to the installed roof. Duro-Last Drain Boots are fabricated from Duro-Last’s specially formulated roofing membrane. The combination of reinforced membrane and prefabrication ensures a long-lasting, watertight flashing. To ensure a watertight installation, a Duro-Last caulk sealant is applied to the outside of the drain boot before it is installed and the drain is sealed with an expandable composite drain ring inside the drain after installation.

Our Duerson roof specialists install dome strainers over all drains which allows for free water flow and protection against clogs as well as quick installation. The Duro-Last Dome Strainer is fabricated with rigid cast aluminum dome and three weldable attachment tabs. The tabs are made of Duro-Last specially formulated roofing membrane. The Duro-Last Dome Strainers are resistant to rust and corrosion. They should only be used with roof drains 6 inches in diameter or less. Any other roof drain strainer that is used for drain pipes larger than 6 inches in diameter must meet all applicable building codes.

Trim Trees Away from the Roof

If trees are hanging over your building’s roof, trim them before the first big snow storm hits. Snow and ice cling to branches causing them to become heavy. The branches could potentially snap and fall onto your roof, causing damage to your building’s flat roof.

Check for Bubbling

An improperly installed roof or a roof that has been in service several years can have built up and trapped moisture. When heated, trapped moisture can cause swelling, bubbling, and rippling in areas on the roof where it can’t escape. Have a professional commercial roofing expert inspect for swelling or bubbling of the roofing membrane.

Iowa Flat Roofing Maintenance and Repair

Getting a roof inspection before winter hits full gusto can prevent leaks in your building that are caused by standing or pooling water on your roof from melted snow and ice.  If you are looking for an honest roof analysis by a highly-trained staff, don’t hesitate to give Duerson Corporation a call. We provide free, no-hassle, no-obligation consultations. Contact us for schedule a free roof analysis.

Posted: December 18, 2016 at 7:56 am

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