What Makes Duro-Last Roofs Stand Out

The Duerson Corporation, based out of Altoona, Iowa is an exceptional choice in commercial and industrial flat-roof installers. We have lead the way in flat roof repair and installation for decades, but that’s just one of the reasons we excel. Duerson exclusively uses Duro-Last roofing and are one of the leading Duro-Last installers in the Midwest.

Why is Duro-Last so good? Here are just a few reasons why you should choose to install a Duro-Last roof:

Locally Made in the USA Roofs

One of the many things to like about Duro-Last roofs is that they are all manufactured in the United States. We believe in and stand by the principals that manufacturing jobs should remain in the US. Therefore, the Duro-Last roofing that the Duerson Corporation uses comes from the manufacturing plant in Sigourney, Iowa. Other plants in the US are located in Grants Pass Oregon, Jackson Mississippi, Carrollton Texas, and Ludlow Massachusetts, while Duro-Last’s corporate headquarters is in Saginaw Michigan.

The Duerson Corporation, based out of Altoona, Iowa exclusively uses Duro-Last products for their flat roof installation and flat roof repair. We appreciate the fact that Duro-Last is made nearby, which also expands the green and sustainable nature of the roofs we install.

Sustainable Roofing

Sustainability has been a part of the Duro-Last culture for more that 20 years. They believe in not just using sustainable materials and buildings, but also believe in eliminating or reducing waste. By repurposing and covering an industrial or commercial roof in Duro-Last, there is minimal waste that ends up in the landfill. Additionally, Duro-Last has great recycling programs where our plants accept old roofing from Duro-Last contractors like Duerson and repurpose it into more Duro-Last roofing.

Duro-Last roofs by the Duerson Corporation are also held to very high energy efficiency ratings—it is one of the most energy efficient roof systems on the market today. Based on ENERGY STAR testing procedures, it has an initial reflectivity of 87.5%, and has a total emittance of 95%. This means that 95% of the energy coming from the sun is radiated away and only 5% is absorbed, keeping your cooling bills lower in the summer.

Long Lasting & Durable Roofing

Dura-Last roofs are built to last. Our roofing products are quick and easy for us to install, and they often last for decades after installation. We always offer our best recommendation as far as which Duro-Last roofing product to install, which may vary depending on the area and conditions of your current building. We may recommend that Duro-Tuff roofing system, which is an excellent choice for flat and low-sloped commercial roofing projects that require a long-lasting, energy efficient roofing membrane. We also have the Duro-Fleece, which offers enhanced adhesion characteristics between the membrane and the substrate and the EXCEPTIONAL Metals, which can add the finishing touch to your buildings roofs.

No matter which Duro-Last roofing system you choose to install on your roof, they are all backed by the Duro-Last manufacturer’s warranty, which is a 15 year warranty offered straight from Duro-Last. This ensures that they back the materials with which your roof is built.

Award Winning Roofing Installers

When you choose to install your Duro-Last flat roof with the Duerson Corporation, you’re in good hands. The Duerson Corporation has been installing flat roofs and performing commercial flat roof repair for decades. We know the ins and outs of this industry and are here to answer any questions you may have. While we specialize in Duro-Last and PVC roofing, our roofing installers can help recommend which Duro-Last roof would be best to replace your rubber or gravel roof. We have won numerous awards, including the 2015 and 2016 Golden Eagle awards in flat roof installation.

Your Local Duro-Last Roofing Specialists

If your commercial or industrial roof is leaking or needs repair, the Duerson Corporation can help. Give us a call to schedule a free roof analysis—where we will take a look at your roof and recommend what your best roof repair or roof replacement are. Although we are based out of Altoona, Iowa, our office serves the larger Midwest area in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota as well.

Posted: July 25, 2017 at 3:46 pm

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