Repair vs. Replacement – A Commercial Roofing Dilemma

It’s been multiple years filled with numerous visits by roofing technicians checking in on your flat roof to implement seemingly endless repairs–at what point should you just replace your roof? Follow these guidelines when considering the decision between continued repairs versus replacement.

Call an Expert

Before making any decision or investing in a repair or a replacement for your roof, call in an expert flat roof technician to perform a total inspection on your roof. He/she will be able to give you a fair assessment of the damage and options available.

Going with anybody short of expert status on a roofing inspection is running a risk of losing hundreds of dollars that could or should have been spent elsewhere. The staff at The Duerson Corporation hosts a team of experts at your disposal to give free and fair advice on the best option for each roofing situation. Contact us for a free roofing analysis today!

Commercial Roofing Repairs

After receiving an assessment of your roof, you’ll want to decide if setting up a few simple repairs or undergoing a full roof replacement is the best option. Here are some situations in which repairs might be the way to go:

Localized Damages

If you find that your roofing problems are coming from small, localized damages to your rubber roof, purchasing a DIY repair kit may be the best option. These inexpensive kits come with everything you need to patch holes, tape seams, and more. If you are planning on owning the property for more than a few years, however, it may be best to explore a more permanent repair.

Hire a Contractor

If you have the cash, and you don’t want to tackle the fixes yourself, hiring an expert roofing contractor to do the work for you may be your choice. After receiving a free analysis from The Duerson Corporation, you may decide to go with us to work out the kinks in your roof.


If your roof is made of modified bitumen, you will likely need an expert contractor to perform a torching job for you. Attempting to fix a modified bitumen roof by yourself is highly dangerous and could end up costing you much more in the end.

Roofing Replacement

Although a more expensive option, investing in a new commercial roof installation for your property may be the best option. If damages to a roof run bad enough, a simple repair job will only put a bandaid on a much bigger problem. Oftentimes, attempting repeated repairs on a roof will only end up forcing you to pay for a new roof in the end. Save money and be proactive by completely redoing your roof without dragging out the life of a damaged roof bound for distraction.

Here are some clues that you may need a total roof replacement:

Damage Beyond Repair

If your property has recently gone under the stress and damages of a natural disaster, chances are you probably need to make the investment in a new roof. Whether a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado has torn through your area, you will want to be sure to replace your roof or get it assessed for safety.

Faulty Installation

If your roof was not installed properly to begin with, you’re bound to spend thousands of dollars repeatedly trying to keep up with repairs that could have been avoided with a more meticulous installation. If you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, start your new project installation with a company that you can trust will take the time and precision needed for success. Contact The Duerson Corporation to talk to our experts about our new roofing services.

Posted: January 11, 2018 at 2:04 pm

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