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As many of you know, The Duerson Corporation exclusively uses Duro-Last Roofing products for all of our jobs. Duro-Last has proven to be an industry leader in roofing products, which is why we are so excited to implement their products everywhere that we can. We apply Duro-Last single-ply membrane roofing systems to every project we work on. However, here are the other solutions we currently provide alongside the single-ply membrane systems.

Duro-Last Cool Zone®️

The Cool Zone®️ membrane is designed to be implemented on commercial buildings that plan to have solar panels installed. This membrane is “solar ready” and will be able to withstand high temperatures and constant sun exposure.

Duro Shield®️

Duro Shield®️ coatings come in three different levels of protection depending on the amount you want implemented. These acrylic finishes help reflect the sun’s rays away from the roof and provide a stronger layer for protection against fire, grease, and wind.

Vinyl-Rib Roofing System®

If you are looking for a roof that has the look of a standing seam metal roof with watertight protection, look no further than the Vinyl-Rib Roofing System®️ equipped with PVC. If you are in search of an aesthetic finish with a practical use, this is the perfect system for you.


Duro-Tuff®️ is the perfect make for the toughest of roofing projects. Well-equipped for low-sloping roofs, this PVC rolled membrane provides high durability in a cost-effective manner.It can be purchased in 50, 60, or 80 mil thickness.


Duro-Fleece®️ is made for commercial buildings that require a membrane that is equipped for an adhered installation. Duro-Last is one of the first to manufacture a product like this that can adhere to surfaces that are non-nailable, aged, concrete, and more. It also provides the least amount of membrane fluttering with the membrane being bonded to the fleece insulation.

Rock-Ply® Roofing System

The Rock-Play®️ Roofing System is the perfect fit for commercial buildings that stress the importance of maintaining a traditional rock or stone ballast look. The best part is that you get the sleek look of a traditional flat roof with the durability and strength of a Duro-Last product!

Duro-Light™️ Skylight Series

There are three Duro-Light™️ Skylight series options available: Curb mount, deck mount, and custom mount decks. These products are designed to keep the watertight seal that you expect from Duro-Last roofing products while also allowing the flow of natural light into your building.

Midwest Commercial Roofing

Based out of Iowa, The Duerson Corporation is your Midwest commercial roofing experts. If you need roof repair or roof replacement, contact us today. We also provide a free roof analysis so that you can make an informed decision about your next roofing job. If you have questions or would like to get know more about us, contact us today!

Posted: February 21, 2018 at 5:20 pm

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