How To Spot A Commercial Roof Leak

Commercial roofs are generally quite strong, but not perfect. Proper maintenance will assure that the odds of a leaky roof are far less likely to happen. However, depending on what roofing material your commercial building is equipped with, there is always a chance that a commercial roof could be leaking without you even knowing it. What signs should you be looking for to know if your roof is leaking? We at The Duerson Corporation would like to help you with a few tips on what to inspect if you believe you have a leaky roof.

Visible Damage To The Roof

Although this one might seem obvious, visible damage may not alway be immediately apparent. Here are some signs you will want to look for on your roof that would be a result of physical damage.

If you are unsure where your roof might be leaking from, give us a call and we can provide you with a complimentary roof analysis.

Stained Ceilings or Walls

If you have started to notice that your ceiling tiles in a specific area of the building are turning into a darker, discolored shade; there is a good chance it’s the result of a roof leak. However, this also can result from a bursted pipe within your walls. It’s worth having someone inspect it before you throw a large amount of money into a new roof replacement that won’t fix the problem.


Mold will most likely form in the places where wall and ceiling discoloration occurs. Damp, dark places are perfect breeding grounds for mold. You will most likely be able to follow a water and mold trail right up to the source of where the leak may have started. However, we recommend that you use a professional mold removal company for your building if you start experiencing mold. DIY techniques do not always get the spores that are embedded in the wood out.

Energy Bills

If you notice that you have been paying a lot more for air conditioning and heating costs, there is a good chance that your commercial roof has a leak in it somewhere. Holes in the roof cause the insulation of heating and cooling to be highly less effective as air rises out of the building.

Des Moines’s Commercial Roofing Experts

If you are unsure if or where your roof might be leaking from, give us a call and we can provide you with a complimentary roof analysis! The Duerson Corporation operates out of Altoona, Iowa and serves businesses all around the Midwest. Whether you need a roof leak repair, a commercial roof replacement, or to simply learn about our Duro-Last products, get in contact with us today!

Posted: June 15, 2018 at 11:02 am

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