Duro-Last Products Available Through The Duerson Corporation

Duerson is proud to exclusively carry Duro-Last products for each and every one of our roofing projects. The world’s largest manufacturer of custom, thermoplastic single-ply roofing systems, Duro-Last products coupled with the skills of the Duerson team assures clients with long-lasting durability in every roofing application. Some of the Duro-Last items provided and used by The Duerson Corporation are as follows:

Cool Zone Roofing System

Ideal for buildings in warmer climates, The Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system boasts an 88 percent reflectance rate. The product is so durable, it is the only single-ply membrane rated by the EPA ENERGY STAR® program that retains its reflectance rate after as long as three years post-application. When applied by Duerson, you’re guaranteed to maintain cool temperatures in extreme heat.

Duro Shield

For extra protection against elements from heat to hail, Duro-Shield is the right choice. This Metal Retrofit Roofing System reduces the amount of labor time associated with new roof installation while simultaneously offering energy-efficient, virtually maintenance-free protection.

Vinyl-Rib Roofing System

To maintain a roof with great architectural aesthetic without sacrificing waterproofing protection, The Duerson Corporation utilizes Duro-Last Vinyl-Rib Roofing System. Discuss options and benefits of this durable system with our team by going here.


The best choice in the roofing industry for low-sloped roofing projects, Duro-Tuff provides your roofing system with a secure and watertight solution. Made from PVC and available in roll goods, this system boasts long-lasting energy efficiency.


Ideal for use in adhered and mechanically fastened applications, the Duro-Fleece roofing application is perfect for use on various roofing substrates. The Duerson Corporation is proud to provide this product, which combines a durable PVC thermoplastic membrane with underside fleece material, giving you heightened adhesion.

Rock-Ply Roofing System

For a roofing system that gives the appearance of rocks atop your building, the Duro-Last Rock-Ply system is a single-ply system that delivers on aesthetic. This product offers the dependability of Duro-Last products with a pleasing alternative aesthetic.

Duro-Light Skylight Series

To reduce glare and preserve the integrity of your roof skylights, the application of Duro-Light is the right choice. The results of a Duro-Light application by Duerson are natural diffused lighting in your building coupled with high thermal performance.


The Duerson Corporation is happy to work with any commercial or industrial clients with both flat and low-sloped applications to identify and choose the best Duro-Last products for every project. To begin your investment on your building’s durability, give us a call today!

Posted: July 30, 2018 at 9:49 am

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