Duro-Fleece Roofing System

Duro-Fleece is an option for contractors, architects and building owners who need an adhered roof installation that offers a long lasting, energy efficient roofing membrane. The fleece offers enhanced adhesion characteristics between the membrane and the substrate. For some applications, it can also act as a separation barrier, which may reduce project material costs and speed up installations that otherwise would require an additional separate sheet.

The Duro-Fleece Plus system can be applied using Duro-Last’s water-based WBII adhesive or a new product: the two part bead-applied Duro-Fleece adhesive. This is a unique product in the roofing industry and Duro-Last is one of the first manufacturers to offer it.

Common Uses for Duro-Fleece System

Benefits of Duro-Fleece

Duro-Fleece Commercial Roof Installation using Two-Part Bead-Applied Adhesive

This new product provider a quick and easy way to install the Duro-Fleece Plus roofing system. It’s available in canisters and tanks. First the technician applies the bead-applied Duro-Fleece adhesive, then the membrane is folded into the adhesive. After the membrane is put down into the adhesive, a roller is used to eliminate gaps and smooth the application.

All Duro-Fleece Roofing Systems are sold in full rolls in the following sizes:

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See more information about Duro-Fleece Roofing Systems on Duro-Last’s website

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