Duro-Tuff Roofing System

Duerson’s outstanding commercial roofs provide great weatherproofing performance. Duro-Tuff is an excellent choice for flat and low-sloped commercial roofing projects that require a long-lasting, energy efficient roofing membrane.  Duro-Tuff rolled goods enable an easier installation on challenging roofs that are difficult to measure and projects in cold and extreme weather.

Sizes of Duro-Tuff Rolls





White 50-mil 2’, 6’’, 5’, 10’ 100’
White 60-mil 2’, 6’’, 5’, 10’ 100’
White 80-mil 5’, 10‘ 65’

Superior Protection for All Commercial Roofing Installations

The Duro-Tuff membrane was engineered to be used with the complete line of Duro-Last’s proven, precision-fabricated material for curbs, stacks, and parapets that ensure a water-tight fit. Prefabricated roof materials are manufactured from standard Duro-Last membrane material and feature a weft insert scrim that provides puncture and tear resistance, and tensile strength at transitions – the most critical areas of any roof installation.

Duerson commercial roofing contractors maximize the efficiency of their installation crews with rolled goods and precision-fabricated components from Duro-Last. Prefabricated rooftop materials made in the Duro-Last factory allow for a highly efficient installation. For Duerson commercial roof contractors, Time off the Roof, means more effective utilization of labor and the ability to quickly move on to the next project. For building owners, it means a commercial roof installation that is less disruptive to building operations.

Duro-Tuff can be applied using the following application methods:

Mechnical Attachment uses fasteners and plates to securely attach section of the membrane to the roof deck.

Duro-Bond Induction Welding features non-penetrating technology that bonds the membrane to a specially-coated fastening plate. This is especially efficient when using 10-foot-wide Duro-Tuff rolls.

Adhered is an adhesive option for applying roof membrane to the deck surface. Contact Duerson today to learn more about our adhered roof application options.

See more information about Duro-Tuff Roofing Systems on Duro-Last’s website

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