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“They did a great job. It’s a reliable company. I have had no problems with the work they did, and I know that if I did have a problem ever, they would right out and fix it. I’ve told my friends to use them too.”

Marty Scarpino
Jesse’s Embers
Des Moines, Iowa

“The roof itself works like a charm. The product is perfect.”

Larry Young
A-Tec Recycling
Des Moines, Iowa

Roger Cox was a great person to work with. the roof was really leaky and in bad shape and they (Duerson) fixed it up great.”

Bill Kearby
Ankeny Dry Cleaners
Ankeny, Iowa

“The company is very professional and the service was great. No leak issues in the almost year that we’ve had the roof; all the workers who came here were very professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone else who needs a flat-top roof done.”

Tom Kitt
Blue Linx
Des Moines, Iowa

“Before going with the Duerson Corporation I checked a number of roofing system providers; Duerson provided the best long-term guarantee and was either at or below the price-point of other providers. As for the work that was done, I’m really happy; very pleased. We had the product installed about 8 years ago, and there have been absolutely no issues since the initial adjustments were made. All of the people who did the install were very professional and they worked around and with us so we could continue about our business while we were getting out roof done. Disruption was minimal and they completed the project quickly. They also cleaned the worksite daily so there wasn’t an ongoing mess. I always recommend The Duerson Corporation to people when they subject of commercial roofing comes up.”

Kent Balduchi
Balduchi Law
Des Moines, Iowa

“They’re the best. Are you kidding me?! It doesn’t get any better than the Duerson Corporation!”

John McManus
McManus Automotive
Altoona, Iowa

“Everything was fine, so far everything has been wonderful; no complaints.”

Dave Bartel
Bartel & Sons
Des Moines, Iowa

“We have been working closely with The Duerson Corporation since 1992. They have maintained and replaced numerous roofs on properties we own around the city. It’s such a relief to come to the office in the morning after a rainstorm and not see my phone lit up with calls from upset tenants reporting leaks.”

Clarke Stewart, Property Manager
Stewart and Associates
Des Moines, Iowa


Grand View University Roofing Project“The service we receive from The Duerson Corporation has been exceptional. The quality of roofing products have been superior. Grand View University has roofing partnership with The Duerson Corporation that has been built on confidence, trust and respect.”

Kim Butler, Director of Buildings and Grounds
Grand View University
Des Moines, Iowa

Wendy's Commercial Roofing Project“I have worked with a number of contractors over the years. I am especially confident in the relationship we have with The Duerson Corporation. Kirk and his team are very passionate about serving others and it shows in their excellent response to our needs. I would highly recommend the dependable group of professionals at the Duerson Corporation.”

Tim Sedrel, Former Director of Operations
Wendy’s Restaurants

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